Matcha Powder is the Powerade of Green Tea, a finely ground delicate powder produced from green tea leaves, both derived from the same plant called “Camellia Sinensis”. This wonderful organic superfood has been used traditionally in Japanese ceremonies since the 12th century and has surged in popularity throughout Australia, due to its purported health benefits, distinct flavour and visual appeal. It’s grows and flourishes in the southern regions of Japan, such as Uji, Nishio, Shizuoka and Kyushu.

The matcha magic begins when the green tea harvest is shade-grown at least 21 days prior to harvest, as this helps to boost the amino and chlorophyll levels in the leaf. This process produces significantly more “theanine” and “caffeine”. The stems and veins are then detached and the leaves are then stone ground into a fine powder, making it much more concentrated than “regular” green tea leaves.

  • “Theanine” is an amino acid that is used for reducing stress levels, high blood pressure, Alheimer’s disease, enhancing cancer drugs for effectiveness and also effective for the production of dopamine levels to the brain, that same after reward feeling from gratifying activities, such as consuming your favourite food or having sex.
  • Although “Caffeine” has no real nutritional value, caffeine does act as a central nervous system stimulant and when it reaches your brain, will make you feel more on the ball and less tired. It’s overall effectiveness is great to manage drowsiness, headaches and migraines.

In contrast, the process is much longer for green tea leaves during production because they’re left outside and exposed to the sun. Both forms of green tea have a slightly grassy tone, although matcha powder has a much more buttery flavour, with intense richness.

Why is Matcha different?

I guess you’re wondering why this particular all-natural green tea powder is so unique in nature, and so different to “regular” tea leaves? Whilst green tea leaves are soaked in boiling water to extract as much flavour and nutrients as possible, the actual process of boiling the water has not only been known to cut down flavour, it also reduces the nutrient content overall . 

Matcha Green Tea is consumed differently from green tea leaves and can be dissolved in a liquid base, or added to dry ingredients for both flavour and nutrition. It’s made up of 100% green tea leaves that are ground into a delicate powder form, with higher concentration levels than regular tea. In comparison, the whole tea leaf is consumed. 

Not only has this product become an increasingly popular superfood in Australia for beverages and dry ingredients, it has tremendously, powerful antioxidant properties for Skincare and overall Health. In addition to drinking Matcha, there’s a vast range of creations for its use: infusing cocktails and latte, dusting your favourite savoury dishes and mixing into whipped desserts, cakes, or anything you so desire..! 

Matcha Powder is the antioxident powerhit! Detoxifies the body! Burns Fat Fast! Mood & Energy Booster! Improves Focus and memory! Improves your Immune System! Helps you to De-Stress! Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Sugar! Tastes Awesome!

All in all, it’s a no brainer!