Tealyra – Matcha – Start Up Kit – 4 items – Matcha Green Tea Gift Set – Japanese Made Black Bowl – Bamboo Whisk and Scoop – Whisk Holder – Gift Box

HARU MATCHA – Complete Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set (Black) – Matcha Chawan Bowl Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku) Bamboo Whisk (100 tate) and Whisk Holder

Tealyra – Matcha – Connoisseur Ceremony Start Up Kit – Complete Matcha Green Tea Gift Set – Imperial Matcha Tea Powder – Japanese Made Green Bowl – Bamboo Whisk Scoop and Tray – Holder – Sifter

Chasen – Matcha Whisk Natural Bamboo Handcrafted Mixer Powder Brush Tools Blender for Green Tea Or Coffee

SODIAL 300ml Japanese Style Cast Iron Kettle Teapot Comes with Strainer

Tealyra Matcha Tea Ceremony Start up Kit – Complete Matcha Green Tea Gift Set – Premium Matcha Powder, Japanese Made Beige Bowl, Bamboo Whisk and Scoop, Holder, Sifter, Gift Box

Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot with Bronze Maple Leaf and Gold Patina Green

Iwachu Japanese Iron Tetsubin Teapot White – Design: Gold and White Seven Jewels

Matcha Wellness – Matcha Tea Set – Artisan Matcha, Bamboo Whisk, Bamboo Spoon. All You Need to Start Your Matcha Journey.

DICTEA – Matcha Whisk with Chashaku Scoop, 100 Prong Chase, Purple Bamboo, for Japanese Tea Ceremony and Everyday Use

IEBIYO Matcha Whisk Set – Includes Tea Whisk, Traditional Scoop & Teaspoon, Large Tray – Japanese Green Tea Whisk All Natural Bamboo Chasen Matcha Tea Gift Full Set